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Tempest Mk.V - small parts (Tool H)

The very first test shots from the tooling block H have been made today. As some of the parts remain undershot, get stuck in the block or come with minor flash, some careful treatment and debugging of the tooling block is needed now. On the other hand, we are really pleased with the levels of detail and very fine surface we have managed to achieve. We hope you like the parts and the photos below as we do.

The Tempest – a wing and a Mk.II front fuselage section

The Tempest Wing mould tooling block was attached to the injection machine for the first time during this week. It became apparent that some slight improvements would be neccessary and our skilfull toolmakers carried them out immediately. The tooling is to be tested tommorow again and in case everything goes right and we manage to produce some new test shot frames, I will of course take them with me to the Panthers Cup for you to see. Also the tooling block with a radiator and some other smaller parts is ready now, and another tooling containing the Tempest Mk.II front fuselage have been just taken out of the galvanoplating baths and some slight adjustments are being done.

Special Hobby at the Prosek Panthers Cup on March 19, 2016

This Saturday, March 19, 2016, the Prosek Panthers Cup modelling event is taking place and we are happy to announce that our team are attending this show again. You can visit us as usual in the cloakroom in the long corridor leading to the main hall. Just look for Special Hobby as this is our new name since January 1, 2016. No more are we called MPM Production. You may look forward to buying our latest new products, either injected kits (amongst which also 50 Mirage Simple Sets) or CMK resin sets. I also would like to draw your attention to the Mirage F.1C model kits and the sets that have been produced for this new model, also do not miss the new 1/35 Gun kits or 1/72 French Alizé models, these are going to be available in only very limited quantity, and I also have to mention 1/48 figures, quite exceptional is the SG-38 Glider Pilot figure. Among other new items, also two different Walter Pegasus engines or conversion sets for the „Zelva / Turtle“ armoured vehicle of Viennese Pol

Anti-tank gun 3,7cm KPÚV vz.37 (3,7cm PAK 37(t)) and 7,5cm Mountain Gun Type 15 / Horský kanon vz.15 (7,5cm Gebirgskanone M.15) - Finished models.

Our collaborator, Mr.Martin Pfeifer, has shown extreme prowess rebuilding his flat and finishing new Special Hobby 1/35 Gun kits at the same time. The kits are available under catalogue numbers SA35001 3,7cm KPÚV vz.37 (3,7cm PAK 37(t)), respectively SA35002 7,5cm horský kanon vz.15 (7,5cm Gebirgskanone M.15). You can inspect Martin´s expertly finished models in the photos attached below.

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