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SH48208 J-20 / Héja I ‘Re 2000 Export Birds’ - marking scheme options

Upcoming kit SH48208 J-20/Héja I 'Re 2000 Export Birds' will contain decal sheet and marking schemes of two Swedish and two Hungarian machines, one of the latter was of a successful fighter pilot István Horthy.

Decal sheet - SH72341 He 162A Spatz in 1/72

The decal sheet of Special Hobby's March release, the famous ‘Volksjaeger’ He 162A Spatz German WWII jet fighter caters for four marking schemes. The sheet also contains decals of the instrument panel and seat belts. The idea was to bring machines interesting both for their appearance and the pilots who flew them. So, the following have been picked out:

Scheme A Heinkel He 162A-2, yellow 11, W.Nr. 120074. Assigned to Oblt. Karl-Emil Demuth, CO of 3. Staffel, JG 1, at Leck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, May 1945. Yellow 11 was manufactured at EHAG in Rostock. Demuth’s 16 victory markings painted on the tail fin were in fact gained while flying another fighters earlier in his military career. Most of his victories were USAAF four engine bomber planes.
Scheme B Heinkel He 162A-2, yellow 3, W.Nr. 120072. 3. Staffel , JG 1, at Leck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, May 1945. Manufactured at EHAG in Rostock. Although some sources say that this machine was a personal mount of Lt.Gerhard Steimer, …

1/72 SH72341 Heinkel He 162A Spatz kit and its resin sets

We announced and showed the 1/72 Heinkel He 162A Spatz kit at the Nuremberg Fair. It became practically the star of our booth. We hope that the cast CMK sets we are preparing for this model will be just as great.

SH72417 SMB-2 Duo Pack & Book - finished paint schemes

Our latest release no. SH72417 is in fact a pair of kits depicting the French Super Mystere SMB2 jet in its two variations, the first of which was fitted with an indigenous jet power plant and the other one as later in the career of the airframes when fitted with a US-made jet and long tail pipe. These latter machines also offer the option of a different hot seat in the pilot's office which was of a Martin Baker brand. The duo kit is going to bring you these six marking options:

Decals for upcoming 1/72 SH72417 SMB-2 Duo Pack & Book kit

Decals for the upcoming 1/72 kit SH72417 SMB-2 Duo Pack & Book have already been printed. The two sheets were printed in top quality by Cartograf.

SH72406 Piaggio P.108 ‘Quadrimotore’ - complete colour schemes

The upcoming SH72406 Piaggio P.108B will offer the following marking schemes of three machines. As you can see, there are four schemes at all, as the first two depict the same airframe.

SH48206 Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario in 1/48 - inbox preview

The 1/48 scale Reggiane Re.2005 is one of our new releases this February. The complete contents of the box is shown in the pictures below. If you like, do head over to the blue link above to check the instruction booklet pdf file as well.

Special Mask for 1/72 Viggens available now from


MD-3 Ground Power Unit in 1/32 - CMK resin kit no.5130

In their CMK range of products, Special Hobby bring you not just very tempting resin detail sets but complete kits too. One of such is the MD-3 Ground Power Unit which supplied needed energy for starting up engines of a wide range of aircraft, smaller ones as the T-33 alike as those largest as were the B-47s. Our resin kit was designed using 3D modelling software which enabled us (not quite simply though) to adapt the design for all three major scales. The latest kit to appear on the shop shelves is item in 1/32 scale. (MD-3 in 1/48 has 8058 and 1/72nd scale kit comes under no. 7422)

Yakovlev Yak-3 in 1/32 built by Richard Nuttall

Today let us share with you a couple of images that we have received from Richard Nuttall, who finished this very neat looking SH32011 Yak-3 model. As Richard says he was very happy with the kit and praised it for being almost fantastic (even though we do feel the Yak is a good kit, we would not use that sort of language to describe it, but hey it was very kind of Richard to say so, wasn't it?)
To paint his model, Richard uses Vallejo range colours and also some subtle weathering too.

F48361 P-51D Mustang Pilot ETO, Seated - excelent figure

An excellent resin figure of a Mustang pilot for the new 1/48 kit P-51D Mustang from Eduard. The pilot holds the control column with his right hand and with his left he controls the throttle. The figure is cast in one piece with the seat, the arms are cast separately.