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SH72475 Heinkel He 162A Spatz ‘Captured Birds’ in 1/72

   Today we are happy to be able to bring you the boxart and a handful of chosen marking schemes of the upcoming 1/72 SH72475 model - which is to be released this December - well if we get the boxes soon enough from the printers. And if not? Then start looking for the model in January next year :-) Anyway, not very distant future, is it? :-) And please do not get angry with the printing guys as someone else should be blamed for the delay. You might also have noticed some diffence between the RLM81/82 scheme as depicted on the boxart and the side profiles. So the thing is that both Japanese and Czech publications have the scheme as shown on the boxart while British made reference materials tell otherwise - as you can see it in the scheme diagram. We do not feel in the know enough to tell who is correct and who is not. The choice is yours then...

An A5M Claude on carrier board photo for the family album - built and taken by Kent Karlsen

Kent Karlsen, a modeller from Denmark, is the autor of today's batch of photos portraying a sort of vignette with our 1/32  A5M Claude  model.  The model is joined by a group of naval pilots and the deck of a Jap aircraft carrier. Huge thank you for the uniquely looking photos Kent!

SH48219 Bugatti 100 Racer - what is in the 1/48 scale kit box plus a few photos of Martin Pfeifer's finished model

One of our most recent releases  is the 1/48  SH48219 Bugatti 100 Racer kit. What you can expect to find in the box plus Martin's really superbly built and finished model is shown below in our today's photos. Do enjoy and perhaps you might also get inspired for your own build? And we must not forget, a set of pre-cut masks is also available:  M48011 .  

SH48073 Fokker D.XXI "4.Sarja with Wasp Junior Engine" - a 1/48 model built by Marcin Warzynkowskiho

Marcin Warzynkowski, a member of Koszalin Plastic Model Builders Club, Poland, has se very nicely finished this 1/48   SH48073   Fokker D.XXI "4.Sarja with Wasp Junior Engine" fighter aircraft kit. The photos arrived via Bartek Belcarz ( MMP Books ), and we cant thank for them enough. Besided the mentiioned SH48073 model, we also need to mention model SH48078 that is also available through our e-shop and which portrays the Fokker D.XXI as fitted with its original powerplant, the Mercury engine.