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SA72025 7,5 cm PaK 40 ‘German Anti-tank Gun’ in 1/72 scale

A week has passed since we revealed the SA72034 3.7cm PaK 36 ‘German Anti-Tank Gun’ boxart painting made by Standa Hajek and here we are now with yet one more cannon announcement. This time in the form of the 7.5cm PaK 40 ‘German Anti-Tank Gun’ (kit 72025) boxart as computer-prepared  by Mr.Reinis. A rather different take on a similar topic, but equally eye-catching, is it not?  The moulding tools are already ready for the production, the images today show both the test shots and the first assembled and painted model. So, do not miss the release of this nice tiny kit, it is scheduled for this August. 

FR0045 Meteor T Mk.7 - limited edition model

Azur/Frrom of France have asked us to prepare one more release for them, this time in the form of the a bit older, but still very nice Meteor T Mk.7 kit. For their reboxing, M.Fontaine picked rather tempting colour schemes. The decal sheet brings markings for a French airframe, a Belgian one and one as operated in Israel. We would say that the most interesting of them might be the Israeli one which was fitted with a camera in the belly and flew several recon missions during the Suez Crisis in the 1950s. The model also supplies a sheet of pre-cut masking tape to make the painting of the rather busy canopy framing much easier.  As well as with the other Azur/Frrom kits, also here we are allowed to sell some limited quantity of the Meteor T Mk.7 via our e-shop.

SH48202 AH-1G/Q Cobra - unveiling the upcoming chopper sprues

   One of the really big things to be released this year from Special Hobby, not exactly big by the size of it but rather by the importance is the quarter scale AH-1G/Q Cobra. Not all of the  moulding tools have already been finished, we still need some time to get the clear parts moulds ready as well as some of the tinies items, but the majority of the kit is ready here for you to see now. Well, the first testshots. Some finishing touches still required, nothing difficult. The name tags, item numbers tags etc...What would you say, do they not already look nice?    As for the colour schemes of the upcoming series of 1/48 Cobra kits, we plan to base them on those picked for the smaller cousin, the 72nd scale Cobra. And similarly, there are going to be quite a lot of the releases.          

SH72270 Tachikawa Ki-54 Hei / Hickory - first small parts testshot

   Further two sprues of the upcoming SH72270 Tachikawa Ki-54 Hei / Hickory kit have been tested now. In the images below, you can see just one of them though, which came from small parts moulding tool ‘C’. The other sprue which will offer runners ‘D’ with the transport version floor and ‘E’ with the aerial gunnery version floor still need some improvements to get rid of  a couple of flashes. So, this is what you have now to look forward to.    The images posted today show just the very first test shot, as you can see some more attention is required there, too. But nothing to be very unhappy about really. Just a bit more work to do over the coming days.

Go Zetor, go!!! - Zetor 15 (kit MV127) in photos

  Well it does look now that the wide modellers community have found our Zetor 15 Tractor rather appealing. What, you haven't made your mind yet? Then treat yourself with a short break and take a glimpse at the images below, I bet you will like our promotional event and will end up having at least one Zetor in your collection too... Our advert is meant to kind of reflect on the time the Zetor was conceived and produced here, the time of building the socialism and happiness for the masses...   Originally, we wanted the flyer to simply state ‘Bolsheviks Of All Countries, Kiss Your Ar.e’ but eventually simple slogans reminiscing us of the era of builders of socialism took over. So, enjoy and have fun as we did. And we hope you will like our MV127 Zetor 15 kit . You might like the figure with a draught animal ( F72346 ) as well.