Contest is over, the suprise for E-day is Arado Ar 96B / Avia C.2 1/72

So, the contest has ended after two days. While Czech modellers needed only one day to guess by the wheel disks that the correct answer is Arado Ar 96 / Avia C.2,
foreign visitors of our blog needed two days. So, the reward will go to one Finnish and one Czech modeller.
And what will the Arado look like? Here are previews of the kits boxes, a photo of the first test shot (with still undershot wing tips) and some other smaller parts that
you´ll find in the box. First models will be available during this weekend´s E-day show and you can find them on shop shelves in October


  1. Looks really like a nice little model, and including a nice mix of plastic, resin and etched details. Those czech markings are beautiful!


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