Special Hobby / MPM Newsletter 07-15

Special Hobby / MPM Production Newsletter 7/2015
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For this July we prepared a pair of Italian floatplanes. We also re-issued a long time sold out 1/32 scale X-15 rocket plane. (According to the particular version these were sold out for half a year to a whole year). Now you will be able to order all three versions, particularly kits of these catalogue numbers: SH32022, SH32029 and SH32031. For those who prefer smaller scales and older eras we re-issued in limited numbers following 1/72 scale kits: SH72050 Fairey Firefly T.1/T.2 1/72 and Fairey Firefly FR.Mk.I "ASH Radar". Also in the reissue returns SH72251 Digby Mk.I.

Special Hobby plastic kits

IMAM (Romeo) Ro.43 “Red Striped”  1/48
This kit of two seat reconnaissance floatplane contains five sprues with grey plastic parts, one sprue with clear parts, highly detailed resin and photo-etched parts. Decals included offer two overall aluminum dope treated machines with two different types of red ID stripes on the upper wing surface. The decals were printed by Italian Cartograf Company.
IMAM (Romeo) Ro.44 “Italian Float Fighter”
This kit of fighter version of Ro.44 contains same plastic parts as the previous, differing in just in the fuselage parts, of course in this case of single seater version. Completely new are the clear parts, the resin and photo-etched parts are slightly different. Completely new are the decals, in this case offering two machines treated in overall aluminum dope. The first machine sports Italian tri-color insignia on the fin, the fin of the second machine was over sprayed with camouflage color and sports a white cross with Savoy coat of arms. The decals were printed by Italian Cartograf Company.

We are preparing these models for August 2015:

CMK Resin kits 07-08 2015

This set is tailored to replace the interior parts of the new Airfix Spitfire Mk.Vb kit and offers staggering level of detail. New fuselage bulkheads, cockpit floor, rudder pedals, control stick, detailed pilot´s seat and armoured panel with a headrest and other details come in the set and are accompanied by a fret of pre-painted photo-etched parts.
Detail level of the 1/48 Airfix Folland Gnat interior can be lifted by our exquisitely cast resin set which offers new cockpit tub, side consoles, control sticks, instrument panels, both pilots´ seats and other detail that are all comprehensively detailed. The set is accompanied by a pre-painted brass fret.
The Spitfire Mk.IIa was equipped with eight 0.303 Browning machine guns. This superbly detailed resin set has been tailored for the new Revell model and will enable the modeller to portray all its armament bays open and with fully detailed MGs.
Another superb figure by N.Abraham portrays a US tank commander. The figure is leaning casually on the turret hatch edge and wears a steel helmet, goggles and winter wear.
Wonderfully detailed figure of an RAAF Pilot  wearing trousers and short-sleeved shirt beneath a Mae-West. The set comes with a decal sheet offering two badges that can be applied onto the life jacket. The set offers also another head with a helmet and goggles or with a distinctive Aussie style headgear.
Admirably detailed resin cast figures of the US AH-1 Cobra pilot and gunner from the Vietnam War period. Only the heads and hands are separate parts. Both the crew members are posed standing in front of their chopper, the first one with arms at his sides and holding a flight plan file, the other one with his hand in a pocket.
This set contains four highly detailed renditions of British Browning 0.303 Mk.II machine guns, fixed type. The master parts were created using CAD and produced in a 3D printer.
Sada obsahuje přední podvozkovou nohu stíhačky F-4 Phantom (US verzí) ve dvou provedeních. Jedna noha má normální délku, druhá je vysunutá do polohy pro start. Nohy jsou odlity ze speciálního tvzeného a vypékaného polyuretanu.
Lovely little renditions of the Fouga wheels that can adorn not only our new Special Hobby model, but could also be used with older Airfix, Heller or Valom kits.
All-resin kit of Swedish test jet aircraft in its late configuration which was used to evaluate the J-35 Draken fighter design. In this late stage, the SAAB 210 had extended nose section. The kit contains decal sheet, vacuum formed canopy and white-metal undercarriage legs.
The Mk.Vb was the first version of the Spitfire equiped with cannon and produced in large quantity. Our highly detailed resin set offers open armament bays with 20mm Hispano cannons and drum magazines and also 0.303 Browning MGs. In the set we bring you also a photo-etched fret with reinforcement ribs for the armament bays and their covers.
This set brings extra detail to avionics compartment in the nose section of Airfix Folland Gnat T.1 model. This compartment can be portrayed open with all the electronics boxes well visible and the open panel also come with electronic installations on its inner side.
Lovely rendition of French tank commander (sculpted by Norbert Abraham) will bring extra life to new Tamiya Somua S35 French tank, but of course the use is not limited to this model. The resin figure comes with distinctive French helmet and sports a short leather coat and loose trousers. The figure is cast in four parts as the head, left arm and right hand are supplied individually.
German tank commander cast resin figure offering an exceptional detail and comes in one piece. The commander, standing in the tank turret, wears a cap on his head and his  hands are leaning against the turret armour.
Excellent level of detail is offered with this figure of a radical Argentine Marxist revolutionary who fought mainly in Guatemala, Cuba, Zaire and Bolivia.
Resin cast figures portraying Soviet WW2 T-34 tank crew and oozing great detail. The set offers a driver, loader, tank commander (sitting in the turret) and a scout standing atop the tank besides the turret. The figures come with their heads and hands casted as separate pieces. There are in total 4 pcs of the figures in the set.
This set will certainly raise the bar in the cockpit area of the new 1/32 Revell Spitfire Mk.II model as it brings new and exquisitely detailed pilot´s seat with the padding, seat belts and back armour with a head rest.
The British Navy F-4 FG.1 Phantom nose undercarriage legs is offered here again in two styles,either for the taxiing or take-off position. The first one is of standard lenght, the other extended for the take off. The parts are cast from specially hardened and baked PUR material.
Heavy 22.5cm M.15 Minenwerfer or mortar that was produced since 1915 by Böhler  company in Vienna which supplied this weapon to armies of Austria-Hungaria and Turkey. Both these countries were using the mortar up to the end of the First World War. The model offers convincing detail throughout as it was designed via CAD and the master parts were produced using a 3D printer. Either a firing or transport positions are possible, the kit comes with a two-wheeled axle.
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