Gloster Meteor Yellow Peril (SH72361) – not so yellow as it might have seemed

Did you also like the all-yellow record breaking Meteor EE455 named the Yellow Peril? Well in that case, I am afraid I do not have very good news for you now. As it seems and as you may judge for yourselves from the archive photos below, this machine that has been famous not only for her record attempt but also for being High Gloss Trainer Yellow overall was not in fact all-yellow at all. The outer wing panels were left unpainted in their natural metal finish. The photos (courtesy of Michal Hradecky archives), although some of them not very clear, do show this unusual feature quite well.

Therefore, we have chosen to try and do away with this deeply rooted mistake (yes, we like being slightly controversial sometimes :-) and bring the modeller the kit´s boxart and Yellow Peril marking scheme as it, to our best knowledge, did look during her world speed record breaking attempt.

yep, here one may say that only the leading edge was in metal finish

but here and....

most clearly here, it is quite well visible that the complete outer wing panel
was left unpainted. The difference between the Glossy Yellow finish
and natural metal wing panel (here darker due to shadow) is obvious.


  1. Hi!
    Looking at the photos, we can say that also the horizontal tail surfaces were left unpainted too. Same "dark aspect" on those surfaces.
    What do you think?
    Roberto Andervill

  2. Unpainted or in the more usual Speed Silver finish that RAF aircraft wore (except the Lightning of course!). Very unusual for RA aircraft to sport unpainted aluminium.


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