Models in progress update vol.3

In today´s regular update on our in progress models, we would like to bring you a couple of pictures taken in our toolroom showing several tooling blocks being milled. In the first you can inspect the 1/48 Ro.37/37bis cockpit parts mould slowly taking shape. Speaking of which, bis version decal artwork and box top painting have been finished, the instruction booklet is going to follow very soon.  The next photos depict our progress with 1/72 Tachikawa Ki-54 Hickory clear parts tooling block, we hope to bring you more info on the model of this Japanese WW2 transport and training machine in the future. And the last few pictures bring you the 1/72 Northrop Gamma (designed for our partner in France, Azur-FRROM company) and tooling block for 1/72 Helldiver and Lloyds in both scales.

1/48 Ro.37/37bis
1/72 Ki-54, cavity side mould
and the core side just being milled
Gamma block being adjusted a bit
Helldiver and Lloyds....
...waiting to receive the very last finishing touches




  1. Boeing YB-17 would be a nice kit subject.

  2. Nice to see another important but ignored J aircraft coming.

  3. What happened with A-1E Skyraider and Mirage III /V series in 1/72?


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