Thursday, 9 March 2017

Tempest Mk.V "Hi-Tech 2" in 1/32 (SH32070) – the engine is getting ready

The new Hi-Tech kit of the Tempest Mk.V model has already been announced here in one of the earlier instalments of Special Hobby blog. This model is to contain also a partial replica of its Napier Sabre power unit and now we have brought a computer rendered image of this detail in a picture below.
Here is also a detailed description of the camouflage options of this kit.

Camouflage Scheme A
Hawker Tempest Mk.V SN222/JF-E "Le Grand Charles", No.3 squadron, Fassberg base (B.152),late April / early May 1945. The machine bearing the name "Le Grand Charles" was one of the last Tempest aeroplanes which were flown by the French WW2 top ace F/Lt Pierre "Cloclo"Clostermann.

Camouflage Scheme B
Hawker Tempest Mk.V EJ750/JBW, No.122 Wing, Wg Cdr J.B. Wray´s personal mount, Volkel (B.80), late 1944. At the controls of this machine, J.B. Wray achieved one aerial victory over a Me 262 and another one claimed as damaged.

Camouflage Scheme C
Hawker Tempest Mk.V EJ762/JJ-F, No.274 Squadron, F/L D. C. Fairbainks DFC and Two Bars (12,5 victories), Volkel (B.80), October 1944. On 19th October 1944 during an aerial combat, the machine received a hit into its port wing fuel tank and the petrol set ablaze and burned off the left tail plane paint and damaged its fabric skinning. Despite all this, F/L D.C. Fairbanks got its wounded mount safely back.

Camouflage Scheme D
Hawker Tempest Mk.V SN206/5R-B, No.33 Squadron, F/O G.A. Rens, Quackenbrück (B.109), May 1945. In early May, G.A.Rens, a Belgian pilot flying in the ranks of No.33 Sqn took part in two dive bombing raids. The role of a dive bomber was quite exceptional for the Tempest fighter and unique only to this unit.

Camouflage Scheme E
Hawker Tempest Mk.V SN330/J5-H, No.3 Squadron, Sqn/Ldr Robert Bruce Cole, DFC and Bar, Wunstorf, British Occupation Zone, Germany, 1946. During the Second World War, R.B.Cole gained one confirmed victory, one probable and another 5 ½ damaged enemy aircraft. He added also one e/a damaged on the ground and number of military vehicles and trains. On 16th January 1956, Cole was killed whilst flying a Canberra aircraft in a rank of Wing Commander. His Tempest SN330 was painted silver colour overall and fitted with rocket projectile launchers.

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  1. My favourite aircraft and one that you have done justice to at long last. Very well done. I already have three of the previous hi-tech version and I certainly intend to do the same with this latest release.