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Panavia Tornado - HMH Publications walkaround

HMH Publications, a new and quite prolific Belgian publishing house known for their Jaguar, Mirage 2000 and MiG-29 books have just come out with a brand new feat portraying the Panavia Tornado jet fighter.
Jet aficionados and model builders alike will no doubt greatly benefit from the images the book brings. 
Available, as well as the earlier ones, via our e-shop.

SMW Telford 2018 - highly important notice

Hiya guys, there is something I would like to get sorted now as it has been troubling me quite a lot since we got back from this year's SMW Telford / UK. One of you, a fellow modeller and as I get it a keen model kit buyer, while visiting our stand at SMW, accidentaly left his previous purchase at our cash desk, not knowing about his lost. I can tell you, the stuff he left there really was not cheap. I very much strive to get him his purchase back, so if you are that misfortunate modeller or by any chance have heard someone complaining about losing his purchase, do please let me know - either here or via facebook messenger or using PM on Britmodeller.
 Thank you so ever much! I am not gonna sleep well until this matter gets right. Petr / Special Hobby

1/72 Meteor night fighters – the very first testshot ever

As you can see in the photos taken just recently, our toolmakers have been very busy trialing for the first time the NF Meteor fuselage moulding tools.These parts belong to the Mk.12 variety of this famous British post-war twin-engine jet fighter and we are obviously pretty happy with the overall look of this sprue. Just a few minor finishing touches seem to be necessary…

1/32 Fi 103A-1/Re 4 Reichenberg and 1/72 NF Meteors in progress report

Special Hobby toolmakers are working hard on our new models as you can see in the photos I took yesterday afternoon showing the almost finished wing mould for the 1/32 Fi 103A-1/Re-4 Reichenberg manned missile. And as I already had the camera in hand, I also photographed the 1/72 NF Meteor wing moulding tool which had just been taken out of her galvanic bath, still waiting to get proper polishing and finishing.

Tony's pair of Mk.Vc Spitfires

Tony O’Toole, a famous modeller and aviation historian from Great Britain, has proudly shared with us and our readers a couple of photos of his latest achievement – a duo of 1/48 Spitfire Mk.VCs.
Both his models originate in Special Hobby kits (available under cat.nos. SH48051, SH48091, for RAAF Spits use SH48100 and currently released SH48195 – this one contains also a French scheme). For his build, Tony chose to use some aftermarket decal sheets with markings that our kits do not offer.