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News from Special Hobby 12/2019

The end of yet another year is inevitably coming. It has been long thirty years now since the so-called Velvet revolution in our country, the event which marked the end of the cruel communist regime in November 1989. After a long period of darkness, we were able to return to a free life and began to rebuild democracy, once again in our post-war history. And although the very first model kits bearing the now famous MPM logo on their boxes had begun to appear on the shop shelves back in 1989, the MPM company was officially established only the next year, in 1990. So in 2020, we are going to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of MPM (now Special Hobby) in the model industry. 
   But first things first, it is the time now to announce the new models we have prepared for the this December. After some delay, we are happy to be able to bring you the 1/72 CV-707 Vesikko (SN72004), a model of the Finnish WW2 submarine. But what seems to be really the most important amongst the December new i…

SH72414 Mirage F1 Duo Pack - complete scheme options

The Mirage F1 Duo Pack kit accompanied by an excellent Duke Hawkins photographic take on the theme is about to be released and today let us share with you the complete colour schemes which you will find in the kit. Along with the book, the kit will offer also some resin and etched details to correctly portray the various minute differences to some of the more exotic-looking airframes and two complete sets of very finely detailed resin undercarriage wheels. A decal sheet (wow, three of them, actually) printed to utmost quality by Cartograf is a must which almost need not be mentioned now…

1/72 Breguet Alizé - built by Rémi Schackman

Rémi has recently finished another of his 1/72 scale beauties, this time in the form of the French anti-submarine, carrier-based Breguet Alizé. The kit is available under the label of Azur Frrom of France for whom it was designed and produced by the team of Special Hobby's enthusiasts.

Spitfire Mk.22 - a model built by Rémi Schackmann

Rémi Schackmann has finished a Spitfire Mk.22 built using Special Hobby SH72127 kit. Rémi was really kind to share a couple of his photos with the readers of SH Blog now. So, we hope you like the model as we do.