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SH72406 Piaggio P.108 ‘Quadrimotore’ - complete colour schemes

The upcoming SH72406 Piaggio P.108B will offer the following marking schemes of three machines. As you can see, there are four schemes at all, as the first two depict the same airframe.

SH48206 Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario in 1/48 - inbox preview

The 1/48 scale Reggiane Re.2005 is one of our new releases this February. The complete contents of the box is shown in the pictures below. If you like, do head over to the blue link above to check the instruction booklet pdf file as well.

Special Mask for 1/72 Viggens available now from


MD-3 Ground Power Unit in 1/32 - CMK resin kit no.5130

In their CMK range of products, Special Hobby bring you not just very tempting resin detail sets but complete kits too. One of such is the MD-3 Ground Power Unit which supplied needed energy for starting up engines of a wide range of aircraft, smaller ones as the T-33 alike as those largest as were the B-47s. Our resin kit was designed using 3D modelling software which enabled us (not quite simply though) to adapt the design for all three major scales. The latest kit to appear on the shop shelves is item in 1/32 scale. (MD-3 in 1/48 has 8058 and 1/72nd scale kit comes under no. 7422)

Yakovlev Yak-3 in 1/32 built by Richard Nuttall

Today let us share with you a couple of images that we have received from Richard Nuttall, who finished this very neat looking SH32011 Yak-3 model. As Richard says he was very happy with the kit and praised it for being almost fantastic (even though we do feel the Yak is a good kit, we would not use that sort of language to describe it, but hey it was very kind of Richard to say so, wasn't it?)
To paint his model, Richard uses Vallejo range colours and also some subtle weathering too.

F48361 P-51D Mustang Pilot ETO, Seated - excelent figure

An excellent resin figure of a Mustang pilot for the new 1/48 kit P-51D Mustang from Eduard. The pilot holds the control column with his right hand and with his left he controls the throttle. The figure is cast in one piece with the seat, the arms are cast separately.

News from Special Hobby 02/2020

It is an evening, a day after the Special Hobby have returned from the Nuremberg Toy Fair. I am sitting in front of my laptop, writing this February instalment of SH Newsletter. Turns out the fair was rather a great success for SH, the Super Mystere SMB-2 kit was awarded the Model of the Year 2020 by the ModellFan magazine. The distributors and business partners showed enormous interest in our production, and it made us very happy indeed. We also want to point out that it was a great pleasure for us to see again our regular customers and meet with a new ones.
   The new models which were announced at the Fair were received very well, most of all the modelling community, journalists and traders praised the new 1/72 scale Heinkel He 162 Spatz which had been kept secret until being unveiled at the Fair. 
As this model is scheduled to appear on the market in coming months, we need to inform you now of the models you might expect a bit sooner, during this February. Along with plastic mode…