Very first 2023 surprise for you from SH - the 1/72 F-84F Thunderstreak aka Super Hog

   2023 holds several surprises for you up its sleeve and the very first one is here today, the 1/72 scale F-84F Thunderstreak. This swept wing jet, alongside its predecessor the F-84F Thunderjet (straight winged) is no doubt one of the symbols of the Cold War early stages. And also an iconit jet of the NATO defence alliance. The USAF operated their Thunderstreaks, also affectively known as Super Hogs, both in the USA and over Europe. In the UK, the 20th TBW USAF F-84F jets were also fitted with a special underwing rack that enabled them to carry and deliver a tactical nuke. Deliveries of the F-84F made the Europe's air forces, from the very north down to the southern NATO flank, much stronger and effective and the jet kept flying from mid 1950s up to the early 70s and with some forces even longer. Besides Europe, the F-84F was also operated over Israel during the Suez War (manned by their French crew even though bearing Israeli markings to disguise France's involvement) and also in the Far East by the Taiwan air force.
   The long service period as well as the very unique and eye-catching colour schemes and markings simply ment we could not leave the Thunderstreak unnoticed and so Special Hobby made the decision to embark on this project. Our new model, of which the very first test shots we have for you now alongside with the test model built from these first generation test shots, features very precisely designed shape and dimensions as well as very nice and fine detail throughout. The armament options are also quite comprehensive and it also includes the under wing carried nuclear bomb. As the type remained in service for quite a long time, the airfame underwent some development which led to two types of both ventral and dorsal fins and even three styles of hot seat used. The clear parts on this model may seem a bit foggy, the moulding tool did not get the proper polishing yet. But you can already now see that we have two canopy hoods for you, one as closed and the other one that can be posed open. Also please notice the IFR receptacle in the port side wing. There are two styles of the external fuel tanks, rocket missiles and the already mentioned nuke. Just bear in mind please that the model in the photos was used to test all the parts and so the armament used was never carried on a real plane in the manner displayed here. 
  Though the model may already seem perfect, it is not yet. There are still some minor issues to be fixed or taken care of. And we do believe that this model becomes as popular with you as our other 1/72 releases like the SMB-2, Mirage F.1, Mirage III or the Vampire. At least one boxing of this model is to be released this year, kit no. SH72395.


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    1. Well done, Special Hobby! Finally top line manufacturers like you have recognised the significant part that this aircraft played in the defence of the West. It has been missing from the front line of aircraft modelling in the premier scale for far too long! I will be ordering quite a few of these!


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