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Newsletter 9/2018

The summer is in full swing now, many of you enjoying the well-deserved holidays, but it is also a high time to start working on the September edition of our regular monthly Newsletter. I am writing these lines in my Tuscon hotel room, but it is no holiday for me here. With plenty of work ahead, I am going to meet up with many of our business partners at this year‘s IPMS Phoenix Covention. However, besides this newsletter, there is also one very pleasant thing coming later today, our visit to the Pima Air & Space Museum. I think I even might get inspired there for some of our new projects, who knows? But definitely, these new possible project will come to fruition in rather distant future, now we have to focus on our more recent models. So, let’s take a look at the models and sets which we are going to mention in this newsletter. And at the very end you will also find a list of those of our earlier models which have recently been sold out for good and are not to be produced again…

Q48 327 AF-2/3 Guardian Mainwheels in 1/48 - resin set for Special Hobby's Guardians

Special Hobby AF-2S (SH48135) and AF-2W (SH48158) models are very nice, indeed, small mistake unfortunately occurred in the wheel hub area. The wheels were designed based on a set of photos taken in a museum where the displayed aircraft had been fitted with a type of wheel not used on operational machines. The difference is in the number of slots in the hub, and our set brings the correct style ones now. Our latest model of the Guardian, kit #SH48194 already comes with the correct hub type but its styrene tyres cannot offer as much detail as the resin ones of this set. Designed and master part created using 3D technology.

SH48195 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc ‘Overseas Jockeys’ - boxart

This atmospheric piece of art, wonderfully painted by Michal Reinis, will adorn one of our near-future model kits, the 1/48 Spitfire Mk.Vc ‘Overseas Jockey’. The kit is going to offer the following marking options:

Camo A Spitfire Mk.Vc, AB174 / RF-Q, dubbed Qqwca (pronounced the same way as the Polish word for a Cockoo, Kukulka), No.303 'Kościuszko' Polish Sqn. RAF, Kirton-in-Lindsey, August 1942. The machine, as depicted in this scheme, was flown by Polish ace P/O Antoni Glowacki. AB174 was the very first Mk.Vc Spitfire to be operated by No.303 Sqn, assigned to the squadron on 15 March 1942 and in October the same year the machine was transferred to No.313 ‘Czechoslovak’ Sqn. Antoni Glowacki achieved a probable Fw 190 and one third of a He 111 while flying this Spitfire on 19 August 1942. The machine was also flown by other Poles of the squadron as were Z. Bieńkowski, M. Szelestowski (downed a Fw 190 on AB174) and B. Gladych.

Camo B Spitfire Mk.Vc, BS295 / CR-C, Wg Cdr. Clive…

Yoav Efrati's seventh built Fouga Magister in 1/72

Although Mila Hraban's fifteen or perhaps already sixteen Tempest models built so far might seem unrivaled, Yoav Efrati is getting very close at his heels. Well we admit that the 1/72 Fouga cannot be a match to that huge and quite complex 32nd scale Hawker fighter, and all the same, the total of seven Fougas is admirable too. All of Yoav's Fouga Magisters have been finished, no wonder, in the colours of the Israel Air Force, using decal sheets produced by IsraDecals.
  Special Hobby have the Magister in the very colours scheduled for January 2019 release. But already now, we would like to encourage you to build your models of this unique French jet trainer with upgrade sets from CMK range of products, namely Q72227 F.Magister Seats, Q72228 F.Magister Wheels and along them also resin cast figures F72306 Two Fouga Magister Pilots and a Mechanic.