SH72351 Delta Mk.II/III RCAF - what's in the box

   The Northrop Delta was an important aircraft that paved the way in the development of regular and reliable air transportation even for such advanced type as was the iconic DC-3 airliner. We cannot forget thar these both shared the same designers, well at least some of them. The Delta was produced in several slightly differing versions. The early versions had a single pilot cockpit arrangement. Our company has prepared a model of these early Deltas for our French partner at Azur-Frrom in two boxings, which were followed by our own release of the Delta 1D/E model (SH72329) with two US liveries (one of them of the USCG) and one RAAF scheme. This version features a fuselage with two pilot seats in side by side arrangement. The last Delta we have released so far is the Canadian in licence produced version. This type had yet another style of the fuselage with its passenger cabin well suited for military purposes and the kit does also offer another type of the tail fin, typical for Canada-built machines of the Mk.III version.
   The decal sheet brings markings for two Mk.II machines and one Mk.III. all of which were operated, of course, by the RCAF. You will find two decal sheets in the kit though. The main sheet with all the markings, produced by Profimodeller firm, was not only supplied with substantial delay, it had extremely bad colour shades and register of the RCAF roundels too, which left us with no other option than to have a correction sheet printed, this time by our reliable colleagues at renowned Eduard. The trouble with the first decals led to the postponement of the kit release date and we do hope you will forgive us.


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