T-2 Buckeye in the 1/32nd model scale!

One of the most famous American jet planes, the T-2 Buckeye in the 1/32nd model scale! Highly detailed model is prepared for you in two versions. Model SH32037 T-2 Buckeye „Red & White Trainer“ contains decal sheet for three US Navy and US Marines machines in their colourful red and white livery. Model SH32059 T-2 Buckeye „Camouflaged Trainer“ covers US Navy plane in Low-viz camo and also Hellenic AF and Venezuelan AF machines.
1/32 T-2 Buckeye "Red & White Trainer" Art.Nr.: SH32037
1/32 T-2 Buckeye "Camuflaged Trainer" Art.Nr.: SH32059

T-2 Buckeye on Wikipedia


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