1/72 FMA IA-58A/ D Pucará Still Flying

1/72 FMA IA-58A/ D Pucará Still Flying
The Argentine FMA IA-58A Pucará ground-attack planes made themselves famous mainly during the Falkland War / Guerra de las Malvinas. Several versions were projected during their service that were to push their performance even higher. None of these proposed versions (single-seat IA-58C or Garrett TPE331 engines equipped version) ever reached series production. Recently the Argentine planes, as well as the Uruguayan ones celebrated their 30th anniversary of service. The Argentine Air Force is now having their Pucarás modernized to IA-58 D “Delta” version. The changes relate mainly to internal equipment of the machines.

The 30th anniversary had an impact on the Pucarás markings. In the model you can find three sprues with plastic parts in grey colour, one frame of clear parts, detailed resin parts, photo-etched set and decals for two Argentine and two Uruguayan machines. The modernized Argentine IA-58Ds are flying in austere grey camouflage, one of the depicted machines carries an anniversary stencilling on the tail consisting of a black condor and a number 30. Both of the Uruguayan planes that are on the decal sheet are in grey and green camouflage with light grey undersurfaces. And both of them are also carrying a Jabali (wild boar) nose art on their fuselages. One of them also wears stylized number 30 in colours of Argentine flag on its fuselage.


  1. "One of them also wears stylized number 30 in colours of Argentine flag on its fuselage". These are the colours of the uruguayan flag, not argentine.


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