P-40F Warhawk “Checkertails” in 72nd scale, limited edition

During the next week a limited edition of only 500pcs of the P-40F Warhawk “Checkertails” model in 1/72 scale becomes available. In the kit you can find two P-40Fs with very attractive markings from the MTO. Camouflage A offers a P-40F-20-CU Warhawk named Stud whose pilot was 325thFG CO Lt.Col. R.L.Baseler (5 kills) and which was based in Tunisia, Africa, 1943. This plane flew in a standard desert camo first and later, after a serious damage, it was repainted and used as a Lt.Col. Baseler´s personal hack. Camouflage B is for P-40F white 40, named Trixie of pilot Capt. Joe Boomer of 318th FS, 325th FG, Tunisia, Africa, 1943.


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