SH72308 HA-1112 M-1L Buchón "Ejército del Aire" and SH72313 Caproni Ca.311 Foreign Service

Mr. Stanislav Hajek, an excellent artist, painted these two box-arts for our new models. The first of them is the SH72313 Caproni Ca.311 “Foreign Service”. Except for British captured plane that is portrayed on the box-art the decal sheet will contain also two Croatian machines. The other model is the SH72308 HA-1112 M-1L Buchón “Ejército del Aire” in 1/72 scale. In the Buchón you will find small parts injected from metal moulds, including the rockets and their rails. Another boxing of the Buchón will draw its inspiration from a famous 1969´s aviation movie The Battle of Britain. This model will feature clipped wing tips, different armament and really very interesting movie camouflages.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I'm glad to see a new kit for the Buchón, but you are in a mistake.
    That green scheme is ficticious, it's based in misinterpretation of b/w pictures of an aircraft with wet surfaces after a storm.
    You can see there is no lighter undersides. I asked the author about this matter and he said it was... grey.
    Other picture of the same aircraft, some years later:
    This still wears the original overall blue scheme known as 'Peugeot Blue', as the story tells the paint was supplied from a local cars dealer.
    Some research made by a friend in the vintage car world suggests that gloss blue had a shade close to Humbrol 221 Garter Blue when fresh, but faded very fast.
    Later they were painted with alluminium lacquer over uper surfaces and azure blue undersurfaces.
    Hope this has been useful for you.
    Juan, from Madrid


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