Competition - Guess where Amberkoj is and win Bristol M.1C kit!

As many of you already know, new 1/32 model of Great War fighter Bristol M.1C is just being prepared in our company. There will be two boxings, SH32057 Bristol M.1C „Wartime Colours“ and SH32060 Bristol M.1C „Checkers & Stripes“ with different markings. When I was choosing the camouflages for SH32057 model, I found machine C4907 with interesting history and combat successes. References said that this machine flew from Macedonian base called Amberkoj. This quite unusual name led me to decision to find out where this base was actually located. For a long time I could not. Finally, a colleague of mine was successful, he found where this base was located, what was its real name and what is its name nowadays. This led me to the idea to use it in our little quiz.

So, be the first to send the correct answer (correct name in WW1 times, todays name and where, in which state this place is located)  to our e-mail and win our SH32057 Bristol M.1C model, so you will be able to build perhaps this Amberkoj based machine C4907. Winner´s name  and the correct answer will be published on our blog.
A. R.


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