Apology to the customers of MPM Production

We would like to apologize to all our valued customers who have bought our models of the F-86K Sabre Dog in 1/48, models no. SH48123 and SH48126. Due to our error, there is a serious fit problem with the main undercarriage bay. The result of our mistake is that it is practically impossible to assembly the wing.  Therefore we are hurrying on a design of a new, corrected resin bay. Until it becomes available, the distribution on models SH48123 and SH48126 is being stopped.  Once the new correct bay is ready to be shipped, we will restore the distribution of both models. We would like to ask the customers that have already bought the model to contact us, best to this e-mail address: balirna@mpm.cz . The correct u/c bay will be sent for free.

On behalf of MPM Production



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