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Special Hobby / MPM Production Newsletter 1/2015
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With the New Year here comes also the very first Special Hobby / MPM Production newsletter in 2015. Before we get to the most important, to our models, I would like to mention two things.  First of all, Happy New Year and all the best to all our business partners and modellers. And I also want to invite all our customers and modellers that are interested in our production to Nuremberg  Toy Fair 2015. You can find us in Hall 7 at our stand E-52 and we will cordially invite you there.
And now to the news for January: 

Special Hobby plastic kits

In the time just before the outburst of World War Two, the Fiat G.50 Freccia became one of the main fighter aircraft of the Regia Aeronautica, or the Royal Italian Air Force.  The early version of this plane had already been combat-proven during the late stages of the Spanish Civil War. The first version to be mass-produced was the G.50-II which also incorporated demands and experiences of combat pilots from the Spanish war. This version took part in the first stage of the world conflict. Together with Fiat CR.42 biplane fighters, the Fiat G.50-II created a fighter backbone of the Corpo Aero Italiano, the Italian Expeditionary Corps in the Battle of Britain. Curiously enough, typical English weather was more dangerous to the Italian planes and fighters, even more than the RAF. During the Battle of Britain, it showed up that the Fiat fighter is suitable for  Mediterranean conditions. The Regia Aeronautica used its Fiat fighters over the Peloponnese, Malta, Africa or over Italian homeland to much more distinctive success there.
The model contains four frames with plastic parts, clear injected canopy, detailed resin parts with really superb Fiat A.74 engine and also a fret of PE parts. The decal sheet offers markings for two Italian planes, both in typical Italian mottled camouflage scheme, but each one with a different type and colours of the mottles. While the first machine flew from the territory of occupied Albania against the Greeks and Brits, the other machine was flown by the commander of the 20°Gruppo, maggiore pilota Mario Bonzano (17 victories).
SH32058 Fiat G.50bis "Luftwaffe and Croatian AF" 1/32
During 1941 the Fiat G-50-II became outperformed by Allied fighter planes. The Regia Aeronautica also needed fighters capable of attacks against ground targets. Therefore, Fiat company designed a new version, the Fiat G.50bis with better performance and capable of fighter-bomber missions. The majority of produced machines flew in Italian colours and some of them were used by another air forces.
When Italy was partially occupied by the Wehrmacht in 1943, some of the captured Italian machines were taken over by training units of the Luftwaffe. It resulted in a Fiat G.50bis being used by training Jagdgeschwader 108 in Wiener Neustadt, still wearing its original Italian camouflage with new mottles of dark green on the upper surfaces. The plane bore number 352 on its engine cowling and and now you can find it on the decal sheet along with another two machines which belonged to another user of Fiat G.50s, the Croatian Air Force.  The Croat Fiats were used over the home territory against the Partisans. The decal sheet offers two Croatian machines, the first one adorned with a drawing of the devil on its cowling, the other one is interesting because of its history as its pilot defected to the Partisans.  This machine is now being held in a storage of the Aeronautical Museum in Belgrade.
The model consists of four sprues of plastic parts, injected canopy, a fret of PE parts and detailed resin parts which include also a superb replica of the Fiat A.74 engine.

We are preparing these models for February 2015:

1/72 A-Stoffanhänger "Liquid Oxygen Tank for V2 Ro"Liquid Oxygen Tank for V2 Rocket"
1/48 AF-2S Guardian "Submarine Killer"
1/48 AF-2W Guardian "Submarine Hunter"
1/48 Fairey Firefly AS Mk.7 Antisubmarine version
1/48 Fairey Firefly U.8 "Drone version"

CMK Resin kits

The set contains complete installation of the DB601A engine for a model of the famous German WW2 fighter plane.The open engine installation consists of detailed resin engine itself, bulkhead, engine bearers, exhausts, MG17 barrels and the engine covers.
Detailed set containing new ailerons, wing flaps, tailplanes and a tailfin with separate control surfaces that can be attached in deflected position. The set is made for a model of the famous WW2 fighter aircraft of the RAF.
Detail set containing a complete engine installation of the Rolls-Royce Merlin II for a model of the famous British WW2 fighter plane. The open engine installation consists of detailed engine, bulkhead, bearers, exhausts and the engine covers.
Detailed resin figure of a Soviet tank commander of the Second World period. It can be assembled from four pieces. The head and both hands are separate parts.The commander´s clothing corresponds to the second half of the Great Patriotic War.
Detailed cast figure of a member of Soviet landing force that were carried on Soviet tanks in the WW2 period. The figure consists of five parts, the hands are to be attached to the main body cast. The scout could be put on top of the tank behind the turret, his hands holding the handles on he turret.He is wearing a masking overall over his uniform and has a PPSh-41 Shpagin sub-machine gun on a strap.
This detailed set contains cast armament bays for both the left and right wings, eight .303in Browning guns, their respective ammo boxes and also the covers. The set is intended for a model of the early version of the Hurricane WW2 fighter aircraft which was fitted with fabric covered wings.
Detailed set that contains a new cockpit for this British fighter plane of the early stage of the war. In the set you can find a new floor cast together with the fuselage bulkheads, also the side panels, open side panel of the cockpit, seat, control stick, instrument panel and some more smaller details. The set also contains pre-painted PE parts.
5105 Le Rhône 9J - French WWI Rotary Engine in 1/32 scale 
Highly detailed set of a French WW1 nine-cylinder rotary engine Le Rhône 9J. The cylinders, air intake and the plugs are separate pieces. Besides the Bristol M.1C, for which the set is made for, this engine was fitted also in other Allied aeroplanes such as the Nieuport 17, Nieuport 27,  Hanriot HD.1, Avro 504 and the Sopwith Camel. The German Oberursel company produced this engine named as Oberursel Ur.II for the Fokker Dr.I, Fokker D.VI and Fokker D.VIII fighters.
Detailed cast resin figure of a sitting driver of a Soviet WW2 tank, which can be assembled from five parts. The head and hands are separate parts. We made also a new seat adapted for the figure. The driver´s clothing corresponds to the second half of the Great Patriotic War.
Detailed cast resin figure of a Soviet WWII tank loader that can be assembled from four parts. The head and the hands are separate. The loader can be placed inside the turret beside the commander.
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