SAAB AJ-37 Viggen in 1/48 scale - upcoming detailed sets

Modellers longing for much extensively detailed model of the 1/48 Viggen may wish to use our upcoming sets that will bring higher level of details than the plastic parts of the Viggen. These sets will of course fit the Tarangus model also. All of them will be available within Quick and Easy range of our products. It means that these sets are smaller and come at affordable prices and it is quite easy to fit them into the model. These are as follows:
Q48219 SAAB 37 Viggen Ejection Seat (Raketstol fpl 37)
Q48220 SAAB 37 Viggen Air Brakes Set
Q48221 SAAB 37 Viggen Wheels
Q48222 SAAB 37 Viggen Thrust Reverser
The Viggen, but also the Gripen and SAAB 105 models can be equipped with Bofors m/70 unguided rocket pods.

Now please take a look at masters of Q48220, Q48221 and Q48222 sets.


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