SH48158 AF-2W Guardian “Hunter Version” in 1/48 – a test model

   We are happy to present here photographs of the Guardian model which has been built from the test-shots of the Hunter version. It means that the aircraft is equipped with a volumous underbelly radome. Its catalogue number is SH48158. The other version of this model, which is the Killer, contains also offensive armament besides the fuel tanks, namely HVAR rockets, a searchlight and a radar pod. This model will be available under SH48135.
   The Guardian was rather big aircraft, it was in fact the largest production-built single-engined piston-powered carrier aircraft ever to see service. It also reflects in the size of the model itself. Its wingspan is even bigger than that of the Fiat G.50, see the last photo. But keep in mind that the Fiat is in 1/32 scale! If you want another comparison, then we can say that a DH Mosquito had span smaller by 2 metres and a B-25 Mitchell´s span was 2 metres bigger than the wingspan of a single-engined Guardian was....
Hunter from port...

.... and starboard side

in the kit´s nose is a resin R-2800 C series engine

the wing is fitted with two fixed slots

view of the search radar and the wheel bays, do not miss another oddity of this type which is the tail gear with a double-wheel installation

operators´ compartments hidden behind small windows, but the pilot cockpit is a real greenhouse

The Fiat G.50 in 1/32 scale is a real dwarf compared to the Guardian



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