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Special Hobby / MPM Production Newsletter 4/2015
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Like in March, also now in April we are bringing you a new model that has been awarded a Model of Year 2015 prize at the Nuremberg Toy Fair / Spielwarenmesse. In cooperation with Swedish Tarangus, we have prepared for you a 1/48 model of the SAAB 37 Viggen fighter and attack jet plane. This model in the Tarangus boxings has been awarded the above mentioned prize. The version which we offer now from the steel moulds is the AJ 37 Viggen attack-fighter. And of course, this is not the only one news for this month. Some long-time unavailable models are back, but about them later on. Our complete April offer consists of:

Special Hobby plastic kits

SH72318 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.21 Contraprop 1/72
The first version of the Spitfire that had completely redesigned wing was the Spitfire Mk.21.
The changes in its construction were so important that a new name Victor had been also considered. Design work on this plane were commenced in 1942 and in the beginning of 1945 the first production aircraft were issued to No.91sqn. After the war, the Spitfire Mk.21 enjoyed rather long peace-time service  with both RAF and RAuxAF squadrons. And with this version of the Spitfire, a contrapropeller unit was being used on a large scale. And therefore, markings of two machines with a contraprop have been chosen for this boxing of our Spitfire model.
In the box containing a model of this beautiful aircraft you will find four sprues with highly detailed plastic parts, a set of clear parts and a decal sheet. We have indeed gone an extra mile with the construction of this replica, in the sprue with small parts you´ll get fish-tail exhausts for a war-time Spitfire Mk.21 as well and the rounded-type of exhaust for the post-war machines. There are of course also both three and four-spoked wheels included. The decal sheet offers markings for highly interesting No.41sqn machine that was originally delivered in a standard camouflage but later was repainted with Aluminium colour. While the fuselage and tailplanes were overpainted very carefully, the main wing wore visible streaks of aluminium colour. The original camouflage was also still visible around the top wing roundels. The fuselage, wing and also the tailplanes were adorned with red stripe markings which referred to the squadrons red cross of Lorraine insignia. The other machine served as a personal machine of two RAF senior officers. At first it flew with a camouflage and unarmed, later was repainted in standard post-war Aluminium. At the controls of the camouflaged Spitfire was Air Vice Marschal Thomas Cathcart Traill CB, OBE, DFC (8 victories during WW1), CO of No.12 Group RAF. Later, while the machine wore the aluminium coat, it was flown by an unknown Group Captain as suggested by the pennants on the fuselage sides. There is a resin set of various aerodynamical fairings covering the cannon stubs in the model which are intended for this machine. The decal sheet of course contains large amount of stencils.
SH48148 SAAB AJ-37 Viggen “Attack Version” 1/48
The SAAB AJ-37 Viggen was an aircraft ahead of its time. Its designers used an unorthodox construction which enabled the plane to meet all requirements which had been laid on it and in some parameters even surpass them. The Swedish Air Force ordered several various versions of the Viggen jet fighter.
The very first version in service was the AJ-37 attack-fighter (“AJ” letters stand for attack-jakt in Swedish) version and now it is a subject of our model. A total of seven sprues with grey plastic parts are accompanied by a sprue with clear parts. The model contains also a set of pre-painted PE parts, decal sheet and instructions. There are three aircraft depicted in the camouflage schemes, the first one in NMF overall shows us how the early Viggens looked like. This aircraft took part in an air show in West Germany and was adorned with two badges of German AF units. The other two machines in our kit wore a standard Swedish 4-tone splinter camouflage scheme. One of them, however, had one of its air intakes replaced with a new one in colour of natural metal. The decals contain not only the needed markings, but also a complete set of stencils.
Although the Viggen model is detailed enough, we also would like to offer the modellers some resin set which will be available separately.
1/48 Fairey Firefly AS Mk.7 Antisubmarine version
The model consists of six sprues with grey plastic parts, one sprue of clear parts, you can find there also a optional vac-formed bulged canopy of the operators cockpit, undercarriage bay resin parts, exhausts and air intakes. The decals come with four options, all of them in post-war RN camouflage scheme. The machines depicted there are in fact only three, but one of them is in two various schemes known from contemporary photographs.
SH48166 Fairey Firefly U Mk.8 1/48
The AS Mk.7 anti-submarine version was soon replaced with anti-sub Avengers and later also with Gannets. As the Fireflies were still quite new machines, they found their new role as remotely controlled aircraft that served as targets for the new Royal Navy anti-aircraft missiles. The rebuilt machines also got a striking anti-camouflage scheme and were used mainly at Llanbedr base in Wales.
The sprues in the kit are the same as in our SH48130 model. There are also some extra-parts for the wing tips typical for the rebuilt machines. The decal options comprise of three cream-yellow and dark-red Fireflies, one of which was the very first rebuilt U Mk.8 machine.
As we have been still getting orders for three of our long-time sold out models, we have decided to produce them again. They are as follows:
SH72206 TT-1 Pinto “US NAVY Jet Trainer” 1/72
SH32022 X-15A-2 1/32
SH32029 X-15 "Two XLR-11 Engines" 1/32
SH32031 X-15A-2 "with Ground Dolly" 1/32

We are preparing these models for May 2015:

CMK Resin kits

EADS GAF Telelens Recce Pod is a modern optical reconnaissance pod for mid and high flight levels and can be fitted to a model of West-European Panavia Tornado aircraft in service of German Luftwaffe.The set contains a decal sheet with stencils and a detailed guide showing their correct position.
Red Army WW2 Commander detailed resin figure consists of four parts, the head and both arms are separate pieces. The commander is a standing figure and wears a winter coat and a fur cap, in one hand holds a map while the other is halting a vehicle with authoritative gesture.
Detailed resin figure of a German WW2 soldier, member of the Volkssturm, contains in total five parts. Both arms of the figure are separate pieces as well as its head and you can find there also a replica of a Panzerfaust. The kneeling soldier holds the Panzerfaust in his right hand and points forward with the other hand.
Detailed cast resin model of a British WW1 fuel tank with a pump mounted on a two-wheeled cart. This refuelling set was widely used on British aerodromes during the First World War.
Highly detailed ejector seat for all versions of the Swedish SAAB 37 fighter plane. The seat comes with a whole set of seat belts and it also contains a photo etched leg restraints.
Detailed, cast resin front and main undercarriage wheels for all versions of the Swedish SAAB 37 Viggen fighter plane model. The tyres come with a tread and the wheel discs are highly detailed.
EADS GAF Telelens Recce Pod is a modern optical reconnaissance pod for low and mid flight levels and can be fitted to a model of West-European Panavia Tornado aircraft in service of German Luftwaffe.The set contains a decal sheet with stencils and a detailed guide showing their correct position.
Detailed resin figure of a German WW2 paratrooper consists of six parts. Both arms are separated, there is also a FG-42 selective fire battle rifle and a hand grenade among the resin cast parts. The paratrooper stands with his legs apart and throws the grenade. 
Nice and detailed resin figure of an English medieval knight which consists of five parts, both arms are separated from the body and there is also a shield and a sword in the set. The knight defends himself behind the shield and raises his hand to strike with the sword.
Detailed cast resin model of a British WW1 fuel tank with a pump mounted on a two-wheeled cart. This refuelling set was widely used on British aerodromes during the First World War.
Detailed cast resin model of a German fuel tank that was used for refuelling aircraft on German airfields during WW1. The tank is mounted on a two-wheeler. 
Detailed  open air brakes set for all versions of Swedish SAAB 37 Viggen fighter plane model. It contains four resin air brakes, interior of the air brakes compartment and the hydraulic actuators.
Detailed, cast resin thrust reverser plates that replace the original kit plastic parts. The thrust reverser is a striking component of the Viggen fighter and it helps to the plane´s excellent landing capabilities.
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