The Letov Š.328 in its final stage. Will we manage it for the E-day? That is the question....

It still remains uncertain whether the Letov will be available during the E-day show or not.
Although we are hastily finishing the kit moulds, the odds are against us. The small parts
mould need a certain de-bugging, the cavity side has already been finished, the core side
brings some troubles, though. Our milling machine is doing its best, but the tool broke
during the night shift and brought another delay. So, all in all, we are not able to promise the Letovs
will be available.
However, A3-sized posters with our court painter Standa Hajek´s wonderful Š.328 paintings could lure you to visit
our stand and on top of that you may get your poster signed by the great artist himself.


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