NEWSLETTER November 2015

In our November Newsletter we are happy to announce that we are going to re-release some of our earlier and successful models that have been sold out for considerable time. These models are still being demanded by the modellers and we have also decided to release one of them, the CAC Wirraway in a brand new guise which we believe will be very interesting.

Special Hobby plastic kits

SH72331 CAC CA-3/5 Wirraway "First Blood over Rabaul" 1/72

Even before the outbreak of World War 2, Australia had been looking for an aircraft suitable for advanced training and possible ground attack support. The solution was to build under licence the NA-16 aircraft, the predecessor of the famous Texan, which was modified by Australian designers and mass-produced in a newly-built state-owned factory. This aircraft was widely known as the Wirraway and was mainly used for ground attack support, spot bombing missions, patrolling, and even sometimes in a fighter role. But it mainly served as a training aircraft during WW2 and in the post war years as well. In the last months of 1941, some of the first batch machines were employed in combat areas, because of Japanese surprise attack against the USA and its allies. The Wirraways took part in the first fightings over Rabaul, Malaya and elsewhere.
The kit comes with two grey sprues accompanied by a clear injected canopy, detailed resin parts and a fret of PE parts. The decal set covers four early production machines one of which was specially modified to a single-seater dive bomber.

The original SH72194 CAC CA-9 Wirraway model kit is also coming back and will be available in limited quantity.
72556 A-20G Havoc “Russian Bomber Version” 1/72 - limited quantity re-release

The American  A-20s attack aircraft were delivered also to the Soviet Union during World War II under the Lend-Lease program.  In the Soviet Union, these aircraft were operated by army and naval aviation units alike. Specifically for sea attacks, the A-20G versions were adapted to carry a crew of three, with a bombardier (or so-called "shturman”) compartment in the nose section. Modifications were non-standard and the converted machines differed from each other.
Two of the machines are also offered in our kit. One of them is the well-known machine decorated with “Tallinskij AP” inscription and with decorations and profiles of destroyed ships on its nose. The second machine, “White 2”, has a different type of its glassed nose section - originally taken from an II-4 aircraft. The kit contains resin parts for torpedo racks, torpedoes, and the modified bombardier compartment.
SH48093 Heinkel He 178 V-2 1/48

The Heinkel He 178 with E. Warsitz at the controls hopped shortly above the runway for the first time on 24 August, 1939 and the real first flight took place only three days later. These were the very first flights of a jet aircraft in the world. On 1 November, while the test flights were being still in progress, the aircraft was displayed to RLM officials. Later on, the aircraft received more powerful HeS 6 engine, wing with longer span and retractable undercarriage. This version is by some sources designated as the He 178V-2.
The He 178 with retractable undercarriage and longer wing is a subject of our kit. It contains two sprues with plastic parts, injected canopy, resin and photo-etched parts and decal set for the prototype.
SH32013 / reissue model 339C/D Buffalo Mk.I
SH72325 Arado Ar 96A
7300 P-40B/C – Control Surfaces for Airfix kit 1/72
Set contains all control surfaces (ailerons, landing flaps, rudder, elevators and stabilizers) for the early WW II period US fighter. All the resin parts feature fine surface details (finely engraved panel lines and covers, sagging of the fabric) that are missing on the original kit.
F72 290 Japanese Army AF Mechanics, WW II (3 fig.) 1/72
A set of three Japanese aircraft mechanics from the WWII period. One of the figures is sculpted carrying a tool box.
Q48 232 WW I German Wicker Seats with seat belts 1/48 (4 pcs)
A set of WW1 aircraft seats. There are two styles of the seats, all come with the seat belts.
N72025 WW II German Torpedo Type G7e (3 pcs) 1/72
Germany entered the war with two types of G7 torpedoes of standard calibre of 53.3cm. The G7e version was powered by an electric motor which means that there were no trace of the torpedo on the water surface and it also helped to conceal the submarine. There were also disadvantages of the electric drive, it was slower than standard steam-powered torpedoes and it needed frequent maintenance which was carried out also during the voyage in the torpedo sections of the submarine. The set contains three detailed replicas of G7e torpedoes. Figurines of the German sailors handling the torpedo inside the submarine are in our F72 252 set. 
F72 289 Japanese Army AF Bomber Crew Members, WW II (3 fig.) 1/72 
A set of three aircrew members for any Japanese WW2 bomber model. The airmen, already in their life vests are having a debate before the mission. One of them has a parachute over his shoulder, another is carrying a map case and the last is studying the flight plan.
F48 291 Bomb Disposal Technician 1/48
Exquisitely detailed figure of contemporary bomb disposal techician wearing his protective suit.This suit is commonly used almost world-wide, in most of the West European countries, in the USA and elsewhere too, by both police and army forces.
N72026 WW II German Torpedo Type G7a (3 pcs) 1/72
Germany entered the war with two versions of G7 torpedoes of standard calibre of 53.3cm. The G7a version was steam-powered and therefore the torpedo was leaving a trace on the water surface and  was also noisy. However, it was significantly faster than the electric powered G7e version. The G7a was used only in the early stages of the war and it also needed a regular maintenance even during the voyage at sea in the torpedo sections of the submarine. The set contains three detailed G7a torpedoes.  Figurines of the German sailors handling the torpedo inside the submarine are in our F72 252 set.
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