SH72325 Arado Ar 96A "German, Slovak and Hungarian Trainer" 1/72 scale

We are thrilled to be able to announce yet another version of the famous Luftwaffe training aircraft, the Arado Ar 96A that is due to be available by the end of this year. This early version was powered by Argus As-10 engine and it may be of interest that more than 300 aircraft of this version had been built by the eve of WWII. At first, the Ar 96As were used by the Luftwaffe but as production of the later version, the Ar 96B (two different boxings are available - SH72312 and SH72315) started, the A version trainers were sold to the Slovak Air Force and especially to the Royal Hungarian Air Force.

It might seem that the model parts are similar to those of the Ar 96B kit, but that is not the case. The kit is injected into a completely new mould. That is because, compared to the later Ar 96B version, the wings of the Arado Ar 96A were in a different position to the fuselage (the centre of gravity had to be moved because of the heavier and more powerful engine As-410). Our kit contains both propeller types and a tailwheel with and without a fairing. It also includes a decal set for two German planes (one with civil registration), two Hungarian planes (early and late marking and colour schemes) and a Slovak plane.


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