Newsletter December 2015

It is almost unbelievable but the last month of the year has already come again. It is my wish now to express our thanks to all our customers for their support of our models and to all our business partners for their kind cooperation. We do believe it will remain the same, or get even better, during the coming year. And of course, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.
The beginning of 2016 is going to bring our long-awaited Mirage F.1 models family, a bit later also the really huge and superbly detailed 1/32 Tempest kit, there will be 1/35 3,7 cm KPUV vz.37 /3,7 cm PAK 37(t) and 7,5 cm Gerbirgskanone M.15 / 7,5 cm cannon models  and one very important change in our company is also to be expected.
MPM Production, s.r.o (Ltd) has a long time tradition, having been in the business since 1989. And of course, there is still some development within the company which allows us to respond to changing market conditions and modellers and business partners´needs and desires alike. So, in order to distinguish us from other companies which have adopted a similar title we have decided to change the name of our company. Therefore MPM Production Ltd will change from the first of January to become Special Hobby, Ltd. This decision has been taken because Special Hobby is our most successful production line and it is already well known amongst modellers. Along with the change of business name we are also reducing the product lines that we provide, so that Special Hobby will now cover all aircraft models, Special Armour will cover military vehicle subjects and Special Navy will cover ships and submarines. Production of resin sets and models will still continue under the CMK trademark.

Special Hobby plastic kits

Model 339B/E Buffalo Mk.I 1/32 - re-release

In 1940, Great Britain was left alone in its fight against Nazi Germany. However, the USA, being the biggest democratic world power, managed to find ways to help the UK and one of the means was a weapon supplies. However, the aircraft types to be delivered were of rather various quality, there were some excellent types indeed, while some others  were almost unsuitable. One of those types the UK had put big expectations in were Brewster Buffaloes. Soon after them being delivered, the British RAF found out, though, that the Mk.I version machines were not suitable for the European battlefield. Having realised that, the RAF transferred the Buffalo fighters to the Pacific with the hopes of them being far better against Japanese aircraft, this led to the British Buffaloes being known mainly for taking part in the defeat of British forces in Malaya and Burma. It soon became clear that Japanese fighters, supporting their ground forces in the devastating attack against Singapore, possessed much better performance than their British counterparts. On top of that, the British were usually taken by surprise and the Japanese fighters enjoyed their advantage of height and speed.
Now, we are happy to be able to bring you a re-release of our 1/32 British Buffalo model kit. It comes with no less than nine sprues with plastic parts, an injected clear canopy, set of resin parts and a PE-fret. The decal sheet provides for four eye-catching camouflage schemes of the Buffaloes from the fightings over Singapore and Malaya. There are machines of RAF No.453 (RAAF), No.488 (RNZAF), No.243 and RAAF sqn No.21, each of them is adorned with some cartoon or other embelishment, as for example a dragoon, a doggie or a boxing kangaroo and the last of the machines wears a tally markings in form of small swastikas standing for the pilot´s victories during the Battle of Britain. The model will be offered only in a limited quantity.
Arado Ar 96A 1/72

The training of pilots and another flight personnel in the newly built Luftwaffe took place in so called Flugzeugführerschule A/B, or Flying Schools A/B, with aircraft of A1/2 and B1/2 categories. For the B1 category advanced training in those fighter schools, the Luftwaffe requested in 1935 a new monoplane (low-wing plane) type of all-metal construction and Arado company was assigned with the task of its development and production.  The development itself was quite a demanding one, the resulting prototypes being rather different one from another. In the end, the production was based upon the Ar 96V-6 prototype and the type was know as the Ar 96A, in which the Argus As 10c engine was used and both Arado and AGO companies were involved in the production. During about one year´s service of this plane, it became clear that the type´s engine was suffering from low output, therefore the Luftwaffe opted to use the plane´s final version instead, that being known under the Ar 96B designation. This version was powered by a more powerful As-410 engine (and is available in a model form under cat.nos. SH72312 and SH72315.) As the Luftwaffe prefered the B version, the earlier machines were freed for export. At least one of them found its destination in Bulgaria during the course of WW2, five machines were taken over by the Slovak State military. However, the A type  main user was the Royal Hungarian Air Force, which also became the second largest user of the Ar 96 of all versions.
From the first glance one may think that, apart from the engine installed,  the Ar 96A and Ar 96B are identical aircraft. False impression, though. As the As 10c engine was significantly lighter, the wing-to-fuselage position was different from the B version, this also led to a different angle of the wing root section of the leading edge. Therefore, we simply had to make complete new moulds for this model.  The PUR resin parts are also different. The kit contains a PE fret, the decal sheet caters for five quite interesting camouflage options, two of which -the V6 prototype and the Slovak machine - flew with a rare wooden prop. All the remaining machines, it means the German Flying School machine and both the Hungarian planes (each of them in a different type of camouflage) used a standard metal propeller.
SH72289 Mirage F.1 CE 1/72
SH72294 Mirage F.1 CG 1/72
SH72292 Nomad Mk.I 1/72
Letov Š-328 – 1/72 Control surfaces set for Special Hobby kit

A set containing all the control surfaces (ailerons, rudder, elevators plus the tailplane) for a model of the Czechoslovak reconnaissance and light bomber aircraft. All parts, having fine sagged fabric effect, come with very nice and subtle surface detail, panel lines and inspection panels. The Š.328 were operated by the pre-war Czechoslovak Air Force and during the world conflict also by Slovakia and Bulgaria, several captured machines were used by German Luftwaffe for training and target towing.
F48 292
Commonwealth WWII Fighter Pilot in a Spitfire Seat for 1/48 Eduard Spitfire Mk.VIII/IX/XVI

A British Commonwealth fighter pilot figure in a Spitfire seat. The figure is cast one piece with the seat harness and exquisitely detailed pilot´s seat. Arms and a head are separate parts.
F48 294
1/48 Soviet Tank Desant Troops, part 2 (2 figures), for a T-34 and another tanks

The second one of the two tank desant infantry sets. One of the soldiers stands holding a tank turret handle, the other one sits atop the tank hull. The arms and heads are separate pieces.
F48 296
1/48 German WW II Soldier - the Ardennes 1944

A German WW2 soldier figure wearing a winter uniform. He is standing, his hand pointing into the distance. The arms and a head come as separate pieces.
Q72 236
Folland Gnat F.1 Ejection Seat with Harness for 1/72 Special Hobby kit

Finely detailed Folland-Saab model II ejection seat, a worthy addition to the new Special Hobby Folland Gnat F.1 jet model.

Folland Gnat F.1 – 1/72 Control surfaces set for Special Hobby kit

This set offers new flaperons (control surfaces combining an aileron and a flap), all-moving slab tailplanes with elevator surface (operated manually in emergency) and a rudder for new 1/72 Special Hobby model of a British fighter jet. The resin parts come with fine detail throughout.
F48 293
Soviet Tank Desant Troops, part 1 (2 figures), for a T-34 and another tanks

The first of two sets that deal with Soviet submachine-equipped tank desant soldier figures riding atop a tank hull. The figures´ arms and heads are cast as separate pieces.
F48 295
1/48 German Panzerwaffe Officer 

A set containing a German Panzerwaffe NCO figure that could fit into an open hatch of a tank or another military vehicle. The figure´s hands hold the hatch. Cast in four parts, the arms and a head are separate pieces.
Q72 235 
MB Mk.9 Ejection Seat with Harness for 1/72 Airfix Harrier GR.3 kit

The set brings you a nicely elaborated MB Mk.9 hot seat along with its seat belts for a model of a British multipurpose aircraft.
Q72 237
Folland Gnat F.1/Ajeet Mk.1 – MB Mk.GF4 Ejection Seat with Harness 1/72 for Special Hobby

Delicately detailed Martin Baker ejection seat coming with the harness, tailored to fit the new model of a British single-seater jet that was built in India under licence.

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