Austro-Hungarian and German WW1 weapons - CMK sets in the RA 1/35 series

Right now is CMK offering WW1 weapons in first class quality. This whole series was started by the model of the famous German machine-gun Spandau MG.08 with the adjustable carriage. This machine-gun was used in the first and also the second world war and other conflicts.

The other weapons are Austro-Hungarian  22.5 cm caliber M.15 minenwerfer and the famous 30,5 cm caliber M.11 mortar.

CMK is working on a new projekt - 24 cm caliber M.98 mortar. It will be out during April 2017.

All the models have been designed using 3D modellation and masters were printed out on a 3D printer and all the parts precisely casted. They are on the top of the resin casted models.


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