model 339-23 Buffalo "In RAAF and USAAF colors" in 1/72 (SH72128) – new clear parts in the kit

Couple of days ago, we announced a new reissue of our Buffalo kit saying it is to contain a new set of clear parts. The clear part base pattern has been 3D-designed first, then received some finishing touches to make sure it will match up correctly with the kit parts and finally an electro-plated mould has been manufactured using this original pattern. The mould itself is made of copper with a very fine layer of pure silver which makes the process of electro-plating possible. At present, the mould is being treated by our tool makers who are going to mill another kit´s parts into the blank space there. One of the kits will be our new SB2C-5 Helldiver (SH72350) while the other hasn´t been revealed yet, we keep it kind of secret for now. And you may notice also a canopy parts for our already revealed 1/72 FH-1 Phantom project.



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