IPMS Stockholm

On 8th and 9th April we went to IPMS Stockholm. Me, Jindra and Pavel went on Thursday morning on our Scandinavian adventure and ahead of us was a  hour car ride.
The ride was long, likea really long and on Friday at 4AM we arrived to Stockholm. We went to sleep for a few hours and later we went for lunch. Well.. at that time happened the incident with the truck..

Despide the fact what happened, IPMS was happening and we could sell our stuff :). The Swedes are such amazing people, that the dind't let it get to them and ruin their fun. The whole event went smoothly and we loved it. The main organizator Mats took care of everything the whole time and he offered us an opportunity to give out a special Special Hobby prize. In the gallery bellow you can see the winning model, giving out the prize and my enthusiasm about getting photographed (haha..) 

IPMS was concentrated on sci-fi and so you can look at a few pictures bellow. Thanks to you all guys and to the organizators of IPMS Stockholm <3


the winnig model


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