Models In Progress – Update no.5

Last few days here at Special Hobby HQ, and in particular in our office have been quite frantic. We have been finishing instruction sheets for several model kits that we aim to have on offer during the 2017 Modellbrno event. We managed to send to print the instructions for 1/72 kits of SH72330 Letov Š.328v, SH72368 Fulmar Mk.II / NF Mk.II and SH72350 SB2C-5 Helldiver. And couple of minutes ago the 1/32 SH32070 Tempest Mk.V instruction sheet followed suit.

Once we receive the prints, all we will have to do is just start packaging all these kits for you. At present, we are being kept busy packaging 1/32 Yak-3 kits, 1/48 Finnish Buffaloes and also the Gamma 2E kit which has been prepared specially for our French partner (and yes, we will have limited number of the Gamma available at Modellbrno).

We are also working strenuously on several other model kit projects, for instance we are going to re-release our Roc Mk.I kit and our colleagues in the toolshop are busy preparing the Siebel fuselage moulding tool and also some of the Sunderland tools.



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