SH Team Getting Ready for Modellbrno and Working Hard on New Products

Our colleagues in the packaging department are indeed working strenuously these days. The 2017 Modellbrno show is only a few days away and we need to prepare our latest products. The Fulmar Mk.II / NF Mk.II kits are being packaged right now as well as some components of our Hi-Tech Tempest Mk.V no.SH32070. The Helldiver kits have already been prepared, in the afternoon we will focus on the Letov Š.328v kit and tomorrow on finalizing the Tempest.
Yesterday we promised to show you some photos of the 1/48 L-39 project clear canopy sprue. But as there is still one slight imperfection in the mould, we need to do repair it before the canopy can become available. This means we are not sure now we will have this particular part with us at Modellbrno. However, the F2A Buffalo canopies have already been finished and these will be available. The 1/32 Westland Whirlwind clear parts share the same mould tooling block with the L-39 canopies, you can also glimpse them in a pair of photos below, but because of time restrictions we still haven’t  finished the polishing there.
Several other projects are also underway, the toolmakers have almost finished the clear parts tooling block for the MAN aircraft tug which is a 1/72 little resin kit but will have its clear parts injected from metal moulds.  The toolmakers there are also busy milling yet another mould, we won’t tell you now what it is, but you may take a guess.
And our today’s last announcement concerns the 1/72 FH-1 Phantom project. As you can see for yourselves, the moulding blocks have already been taken out of their galvanic baths. We plan to have this model available during this year’s autumn or perhaps during winter.



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