SH48167 L-39ZA Albatros in 1/48 – working on the camouflage schemes

   Any regular reader of Special Hobby blog must have already found out that yet another release of our 1/48 L-39ZA Albatros kit is being worked on. There has been some obstacles and complications and even the camouflage schemes and decal sheet are rather demanding to design. As the modeller community is curious about the chosen marking options, we have decided to show the still unfinished schemes below.
   The kit will bring scheme options for the air forces of the Czech Republic, Thailand and Algeria, the latter even in three different forms, before the unsuccessful attempt to land, following the repairs and also quite unusual scheme the plane wore right during the repair work. The fourth machine features markings of the Israel Air Force, though it was only evaluated by IAF test pilots and flown from the factory airfield.


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