Toolmakers Busy With New Moulding Blocks

   Today we are happy to being able to share with our readers photographic coverage showing what our busy toolmakers are currently working on. The first three photos capture the aluminium tooling blocks and their components that have been produced using rather standard and straightforward method of milling. When finished, these blocks will be used for injection moulding parts of the 1/32 I.A.R.-80A kit for our partners at Azur-Frrom. Under Special Hobby label, another version of this WW2 Rumanian fighter plane will be produced here, namely the BoPi dive bomber version. Some of the tooling blocks will be shared by both these models.
   The other photos show a rather different type of moulds which have been created by the help of so-called electro plating process, sometimes also known as galvanic deposition. In the first two photos of galvanic moulds you may recognize parts of our 1/32 Westland Whirlwind kit, the remaining four pictures are much easier to guess, the profile of FH-1 Phantom wing is rather unmistakable.


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