1/72 P-40N Warhawk - model build (Part V)

And here we have another part in our series of almost on-line 1/72 P-40N build for which we use the final batch of testshots.  The interior got its proper colour and the details were highlighted using standard modelling techniques. Fuselage halves as well as the upper and lower wing parts have been glued together with really very nice overall fit. There are only very small and barely visible joint lines between the wing and fuselage.

control stick and hydraulic pump handle have to be attached before the wing fits into the fuselage

wing just gently pushed into the fuselage recess...
... and it holds in place
all we need here is very small amount of extra thin cement

here at the wing tip we have the first spot requiring some filler.
note the gap between the wing and aileron, which is a standard feature of the P-36 and P-40 family


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