SA72018 Transport Trailer for Biber U-boat - test shot

It may be nice to have your own midget sub, but you simply also must have something to get the sub to the water. Having realized that, the Germans designed a special trailer to be able to transport their Bibers.
What does it mean for a model kit producer? You are right, after the Biber kit, we also need to offer the modeller with a scaled replica of the special trailer. Who knows, perhaps some modeller might come to the idea to portray the Biber as being hauled towards the sea (even if not real, just made of clear resin).
The trailer kit comes under SA72018 and is going to be available (as a separate item at first)until this year’s end. And why don’t you use the SS-100 Gigant (or Sd.Kfz.7) to accompany the Biber and trailer?


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