SH72373 Fouga Magister “Finnish, German and Austrian” in 1/72. In-box preview, kit to be available at E-day 2017

   Special Hobby team attending the 2017 E-day show are taking with them several new kits which will be available for the very first time there. One of them is the 1/72 Fouga Magister in “Finnish, German and Austrian” guise ( SH72373). Here we have a couple of in-box photos for you. The decal sheet is superbly printed by Italian Cartograf, one of the benefits being that the stencil data for each of the marking options are nicely legible (despite their diminutive dimensions).
   On On the E-day, modellers will also have the special opportunity to grab their Simple Set edition of the Fouga Magister, this being a plain box containing just the plastic sprues with assembly instructions, ie. sans the decals, colour schemes and the superbly executed boxart.



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