P-40N - test model build finished

Last week, Fredy Riedel managed to finished his test build of our new 1/72 Curtiss P-40N kit. The excellent weathering, shading and the wear and tear were done using lightened camouflage colours, various mixes of artistic oil paints and watercolour pencils. Chipped colour showing the bare metal underneath at the wing roots was emulated with a silver pencil, exhaust and gun smoke stains are freehand airbrushed. In contemporary photographs, it was clearly seen that the real P-40N Snafu was quite a worn off machine with huge patches of dirt on the fuselage and tail. Fredy’s aim was to make these stains as life like as only possible.

While at Afflingem Plastic & Steel show in Belgium over the weekend of 14-15 Oct, Fredy entered the contest with his freshly finished model. There were not many models in the 1/72 category, still it made Fredy obviously quite happy to have won the Golden Medal with his diminutive masterpiece. And rightfully so, to our opinion.


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