FR8002 I.A.R.80-A in 1/32

Since last Monday, our team have been kept pretty busy completing and packing our new model kits. Besides the first boxing of the 1/72 CASA C-212-100 (SH72344) which is to become available on 25 November, we have yet another model custom-made for our French partner at Azur-Frrom which is the 1/32 scale I.A.R.80A. This version is based on our and Azur’s earlier 81C type, but the fuselage and wings are newly prepared, as well as the camouflage options are of course as well. The whole produced batch head to France with the standard exception of 100 models which we aim to offer on the domestic market and the customer can find it available for the very first time at the Bratislavska Zima model show.
For this model, also a quite nice set of resin wheels has been designed, well to say the truth there are two sets, one depicting the IAR wheels in their EARLY shape, the other contains the MID production style. A third set is about to be released too, this one with the LATE style wheels, and this will comply rather with the I.A.R.81C model SH32068.


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