Clear parts for Night Meteors, Me 209 and other 1/72 kits (plus one in 1/144)

Our toolmakers have succesfully finished one new moulding tool which is going to produce clear parts for several new Special Hobby kits. And as you will see, for models of a couple of collaborating companies as well. Now, let's take a look what the modeller may find on the sprues. Firstly, there is the SH Me 209 clear canopy part, the model is already out. Next, you no doubt recongize the unmistakable shape of clear windshield of the Japanese A5M Claude plane, the model of which is to be produced by Avimodel. There is also one 1/144 clear part, custom made for another firm. On another sprue, the flat windows there are meant to go to our Pacific Fleer reboxing of the Barracuda kit. And the largest canopies? Yes, these are for our forthcoming family of the Meteor night fighters.
We are goinig to produce both the earlier versions, the NF Mk.11/12/13 with a Framework canopy cover and the later Mk.14 version with bubble type of the canopy. The latter with two styles of the windscreen.


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