CMK's 1/48 scale Elephant

   Our earlier released 1/72 scale Asian Elephant resin figure has proved to sell like hot cakes which lead us to a decision to take some kind of a magic wand and try and enlarge the resin beast to 1/48 scale too. Or to put it another way, as our production manager is and always has been a convinced quarter scale man, there simply was no other way for us to save our positions here than to comply with his wishes. So, our team took the poor animal, the magic wand and uttered some hocus pocus several times.....and, voila, here it is, the Asian Elefant with dimensions to comply with Fredy's 1/48 FAA Corsair or whatever he's gonna yoke with the beast.

   Right, enough fun guys, the magic wand was just our 3D scanning technology combined with a 3D printer which produced the master part for the new figure. In the images below, you can see the original sculpted elephant in the small scale and on the right the orange colour product from the 3D printer. It still has the printing supports coming from its belly which of course need to be removed prior making the set of rubber moulds. If everything goes well, you will be able to get your Elly the Elephant in several months' time. And who knows, perhaps some time later also even bigger, in 1/35?


  1. Please make this just like the 1/72 version with the guide and rider.


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