1/32 SH32055 Tempest Mk.6 - nose section test shots and camouflage option profiles

The Tempest Mk.6 was the final production version of the Tempest fighter aircraft and it was specially equipped to see service in tropical and desert areas. Besides the more powerful Sabre engine which needed enlarged oil cooler (now located in the wing roots as with the Mk.II version), it also got tropical dust filter mounted beneath the mid fuselage. All these extra parts are catered for in the new sprue, as you can see in the image below. This is the first test shot only, still needs some slight adjustments.
Special Hobby are going to offer the modeller with four various camouflage options, one in aluminium paint finish, the second in bare metal and the last two wearing camouflage colours, the standard Day Fighter scheme and also the highly unusual and interesting post-war Tropical Scheme of Earth and Slate Grey.


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