I.A.R.81 BoPi in 1/32 - new model to be released this June

   The I.A.R.80/81 topic is particularly rich as these famous Romanian warplanes were produced in many various versions, the majority of which were best suited for fighter role missions. One of the versions, however, was designed and built to excel mainly in the ground attack and dive bombing role. To succeed during such type of engagement, a bomb displacement gear was fitted to the airframe's ventral section, in a fashion similar to the infamous German Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber aircraft. Needless to say, the BoPi variety of this indigenous Romanian plane design was successful.
  The Special Hobby team have been busy recently preparing an extremely detailed replica of the BoPi in the still more popular 1/32 scale and the kit is due to be released in a two months' time, during this June. The kit is going to offer you two marking options wearing the early type three-colour camouflage scheme and another two airframes in the later, two-tone scheme.


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