SH72345 Super Mystere SMB.2 (Sa'ar) - built test shot model

   Last week, we received the very first test shot samples of the most recent addition to our production plans, the 1/72 Super Mystere SMB.2 / Sa'ar fighter plane. You have already been able to examine closely not only the testshots themselves, but also the partial build illustrating the internal components of the fuselage. It indeed is rather obvious that the interior is quite busy, besides the obligatory pilot's office also the jet engine trunking and afterburner chamber were meticulously portrayed by our skilful 3D design team.
   Today, we are thrilled to be able to share with you yet another batch of build photos, now presenting the overal shape of the SMB.2 airframe, which to be precise has been built into the Sa'ar version (an Israeli-modified version incorporating a US ex-Skyhawk engine) with much more rearward protruding jet engine nozzle.
   Given the fact that these testshots are of the first batch, the outcome is not that bad and the model is now being used in the time consuming process of correction report writing for the purpose of debugging the steel moulding tools.
   Have we, in the terms of overal quality and accuracy, reached even higher levels? Frankly, we are pretty confident we have.



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