SH48170 Siebel Si 204/Aero C-3 in 1/48 - Work in progress

The Siebel Si 204/Aero C-3 project is still being diligently worked on and let us confess that wherever we take the first already finished parts of the main airframe with us, they always arouse quite high levels of interest among the modelling community. What we would like to share with you, our dear readers, is a couple of rendered images of the kit's internal components, both for the cockpit and transport/passenger cabin arrangement and the undercarriage wheel wells.
  In the pictures below, you will be able to recognize three different internal arrangements, for the bomber, trainer and the liaison variants. The fourth one, the passenger version, will be created by increasing the number of the seats which will be located on either side of the fuselage. In the kit, there will be two different fuselages, one for the bomber variety, the other for the transport / passenger aircraft.


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