1/32 SH32073 I.A.R.81 BoPi on finals and 1/48 Siebel Si 204 moulding block progress

   The 1/32 Special Hobby I.A.R.81 BoPi Dive Bomber kit is here and ready for all modellers who have been waiting for it patiently, so head over to our e-shop site and make sure you get one of the very first examples there. In the photos below, you can see that our colleagues in the packaging room were busy yesterday finishing the I.A.R. boxes filling them with all the plastic sprues and other necessary components.
   We would also like to share with you the latest progress with the 1/48 Siebel Si 204 project, the last one of today’s photos shows you one of the moulding block for the Siebel, this one with the smaller parts, the engine nacelles, empennage etc…


  1. I hope the I.A.R.81 sells very well for you. I'm very happy to see the 1/48 Siebel Si 204 making progress. As I work in 1/48 I MUST buy at least one.


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