1/32 Tempest Mk.V series 1 – a model by Petr Picha (CZ)

   This truly amazing 1/32 scale Special Hobby Tempest model has been built by Czech modeller Petr Picha who also made a good use of a number of CMK resin sets that helped him to skyrocket the finished model among the very best of the contemporary modelling scene. These CMK sets were: 5110 Tempest – EngineSet, 5108 Tempest – Strenghtened Main Undercarriage Legs, Q32244Tempest/Typhoon – Tail Wheel with Strenghtened Leg, 5109 Tempest – Armament Setfor Stbd Side Wing (the port wing ammunition box was borrowed from a Tempest Mk.II kit) and Q32243 Tempest Mk.V/Typhoon Mk.I – Main Wheels Early Type.

   What makes his model rather unique is the use of several scratch-built items, namely the fuselage fuel tank and the wireless compartment aft of the cockpit. For more photos, including those taken during the build, head over to Aviation Museum Liborezy website or directly at:https://www.leteckemuzeumliborezy.cz/tempest-mk-v/



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