A visit to Red Bull at Salzburg

   This Wednesday, small team of Special Hobby Production Manager and two other colleagues were happy to be able to visit Austrian Salzburg. They headed to Red Bull which is based there and by courtesy of RB management and their kind employees too, they were allowed to take photos and measurements of a certain aircraft which is to be kitted in the near future by SH (not going to let the cat out of bag for now, sorry).
   Their concentration to that task was, however, rather often disturbed by highly interesting developements on the tarmac. From Hangar No.8, some modern choppers were being pulled out and flew away, a P-38 and a DC-6 were pulled out too and a visiting HU-16 beauty was taxiing on the runway. The DC-6 and HU-16 belonged to a group of nice US guys who allowed our team to get into those machines and took photos of the interiors. (stay tuned, these photos will be published on our blog this weekend)
  The adjacent airfield was very busy with aviation traffic, many general aviation machines were taking off as well as huge airliners or Austrian military's SAAB 105s. Put plainly, it was a fabulous day filled up to the brim with plenty of various aircraft. Do visit Salzburg's Red Bull Headquarters too, it is definitely worth your time. We also hope to get back there soon, this time to visit museum exhibitions in Hangar No.7.


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